THC – Cannabinoide – Cannabis vs SPORT

TopicCannabis – Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol = THCEndurance-Sport
Energy-Reserves in Muscles like ATP / Mitochondrienmaybe will be destroyed = Lost your Reserves of ATPwill be expand
psychopathologylongterm-consume = psychotic / depression / (convert the grey & white neuro-cells = reduction of the integrity of structurStrukturintegrität des Corpus Callosum) Erhöhung der Dopamine im ZNSacts again depression
Depression possible during abtraction in performance athletes
Immunologyimmunosuppressants – is bad by irritations of nervs - Thoracic outlet syndromeactivation immune-system
against spasticityeffective – during decresing hypertension of musclesincrease spasticity
colon-inflammationprobably effective at an short noticeshort- & long-term Effective with raw food without sugar
advanced capabilities through conditioninge.g. Ice bathing is not possible because increased fat metabolism + vessel wideningice bathing is possible
metabolismIncreased fat metabolismreduced fat metabolism - since training in fat metabolism (anaerobic)
firming skin / connective tissue / collagen fibers / bone tissueBecomes limpsafe - especially when ice bathing - it draws your wrinkles smoothly! - Bone density increases during pushing metabolism
learning & Memory Intelligence / coherence formation in the brainTransmission of neurotransmitters is inhibitedincreasing connections of neural networks by depth relaxation & sorting collected information (from previously learned)
schizophreniaas the causenot well because serotonin excess in the brain - which is strengthened by sports
infarction ratehigher - since blood-fat metabolism is increasedless - if blood fat metabolism low + because reserves are increased
pain reliefpossibly by inhibiting the neuronal cell metabolism (interruption of natural processes)highly possible by activating descending neuronal pain-resistant tracts! Eg: Footballer does not notice calf fracture during the game (only afterwards).
Reduces harmful substances in the bodyNoYes by increased metabolism / blood flow
Inflammations of the tendons / connective tissuegreatly increasedgreatly reduced - if healthy as possible meat-lean diet
Adoption - multi-drug resistanceoppositegiven (Although sport is also considered a drug and can lead to illness)
Stress-solving competence (no affectionate sacrifice)reduces (by neural inhibition)greatly expanded
Interrupt cellular metabolism to inhibit neural activityIs unintentionally inhibited (not adequate to the environment?)1. cellular metabolism in all histological sectors is strengthened = rejuvenation effect?
2. neuronal inhibition occurs naturally (physiologically) - when external activities such as the concentrated attention to a specific goal (eg sport shooting) are implemented and all important events are blocked (neuronal inhibition)!
Is used as a starting drug - later follows heroin & prostitutiontotally agreeconsolidation of the personality / Integrity- Equality of women & man / Recognition of true natural values
Is used as an exit drug (do not create many ?!)Is used as an exit drug after the use of heroin (does not protect against backflashes (especially for chemical drugs))strengthening the personality / immune system etc. (probably does not protect against backflashes (especially with chemical drugs))
Increase of bone densityreducedbuild up
High speed (required in sprint & combat)reduces (lost some Reserves – see the points above)is increasing
recovery time1-2 weeks depending on the consumption of drugs1-3 days depending on sports intensity
criminal activitymaybe increasingdecreasing (thats why the police are showing the importance of sport-clubs!)